Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you’re here. Here’s where I introduce myself, so here we go.

I was born and raised in Hualien, Taiwan. One of my childhood homes––built in the late Qing Dynasty (1890s) and is still standing today––is in a remote fishing village across street from the Pacific. It has a flat concrete rooftop from where I could look out and see the sky and the ocean merge into an endless, eternal blue. When I was little I liked to do my homework up on the roof, under the canopy of celestial dome, breathing in the salty sea air and repeatedly writing each new Chinese character 120 times to remember the correct stroke order. There’s a supreme balance in this––laborious work in the serene backdrop of indigo. Coastal life is simply the best.

At age eighteen I left the fishing village to go to university in Taipei. At age twenty-two I came to the U.S. to further my education. I met my husband at Brigham Young University in 1997 and have been living in Utah ever since, trading coastal life for desert life. That’s true love. I think I read it somewhere.

I write in both Chinese and English, although Chinese will always be the stronger of the two languages for me, which in turn makes it an easier writing tool. I wouldn’t say I write in Chinese effortlessly, because that’d be a lie. Writing in itself has never been, and never will be, effortless for me––it feels like being pecked to death by ducks. Naturally I can express myself much more freely in my native tongue. I’m working hard to be able to feel just as comfortable writing in English. I’m an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts. And it’s true––that program really is writers’ haven and heaven.

I’ve written a series of two memoirs. I plan to start the query process by Christmas, 2017. I’ve also plotted two historical fiction projects that I’m anxious to start, hopefully, in January, 2018.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I look forward to connecting with you through my written words.